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Novita: updated

I added a database. It works through the CursorLoader, ContentProvider. It was quite easy to implement. I added all news sources to the database. It was just a first update. I found that I like my app. I use it everyday. TODO: add settings fragment to check what news sources user should see on the main activity. The app is powered by https://newsapi.org/

I didn’t update the screenshots. I am going to do it tomorrow.



Novita: news

I wrote a simple app to read news. It uses API of https://newsapi.org/, the API is very easy to use.

In this project I used two activities. In first activity there is GridView, where the app loads the news sources. The second activity is a ListView, where I parsed the title, the description and the published date. Now the app is very basic. It is nice to use it. I am going to rewrite it in a few weeks and add a dynamic GridView. The code is very straight. There were only one thing that made me think. I had to convert the date and time from ISO 8601 Javascript format to Java Date. I was looking the solution in internet first and as always I found the solution.

Converting ISO 8601-compliant String to java.util.Date
ISO 8601 date parsing utility
Formatting a calendar date
JSON date to Java date?


Each news is a link, it opens in a browser.