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Android get device locale

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Hello friends!

I didn’t write for a while. I was busy to rewrite the apps.
1. I changed the ListView to RecyclerView. It was very tough and I didn’t understand everything very well.
2. Russian Words: added localization (Italian) for db and interface. I added the auto locale detection and loading the necessary table. I didn’t update the app in the store, because I want to test it a bit with my phone, when I feel that it is ready I will update it in the store.
3. I studied a lot =)
I am going to write additional posts about the RecyclerView and add some useful information about it.
This was just an aperitif. Thanks for all. There are still so much to learn.

Load more, loaders

Russian words: updated

Ufffa… I updated the Russian words app. I completely rewrite all the code.

  1. Now it uses a database. Everything is inside the db.
  2. I added the new words.

TODO: remove some bad parts from the code and polish UI; add second language; add new words.

Novita: updated

I added a database. It works through the CursorLoader, ContentProvider. It was quite easy to implement. I added all news sources to the database. It was just a first update. I found that I like my app. I use it everyday. TODO: add settings fragment to check what news sources user should see on the main activity. The app is powered by

I didn’t update the screenshots. I am going to do it tomorrow.